The FIFA World Cup 2014 is on us, as we settle down for a month of global footballing action beamed from Brazil, right to your front room.

It's a chance to immerse yourself in the beautiful game, spot new talent and just go football crazy. And the internet is there to deliver everything you need for the experience.

This is what you need for the to get the World Cup experience delivered to your door.

We've already rounded up some of the best TVs you can buy right now, with plenty of special offers available, it's a great time to buy a new TV for the World Cup.

But why not have it installed? We called up Currys PC World and their KnowHow team delivered and installed our new TV. No fuss and everything is done for you, but watch out for those unnecessarily expensive HDMI cables. Installation costs from £45.

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John Lewis will offer a similar service from £55. Both will offer to remove your old TV, but we'd be tempted to sell it on eBay and make some cash for the World Cup beer fund.

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Although installing a TV is a pretty simple job, if you have no idea at all, installation will leave you set-up and having had a demo. Of course, you'll want to hook it up to your YouView box for all that World Cup action.

If you happen to have a Philips Ambilight TV, or have chosen to buy a new one, then you can expand your game across the wall thanks to the Ambilight TV app.

This will let you pick the colours for your team as a background, you can add to the celebrations, or beam that red card across the room. It can even be split to reflect both teams that are playing.

It will work with Ambilight models from 2011 onwards, but be sure to check compatibility.

On big match days, you don't want to be chained to the cooker, so why not turn to the internet to deliver your dinner?

JustEat has an app for Android and iOS and a website so you can order from local takeaway services, meaning you can easily pick from the menu and you don't have to make that awkward phone call over the noise of the game. 

You do pay a small premium for the convenience.

If you're looked to stack the fridge with booze, then don't fret: Sainsburys, Tesco, Ocado, Morrisons and Asda are all offering deals on beer. All deliver too, depending on where you live. 

At least then you don't need to carry all that beer (or wine) home, or up the three flights of stairs to your appartment.

You'll be needing a fridge in the lounge, so take a look at who have a huge selection and save you from having to miss the action.

If you're short on seating then a Sumo beanbag could be the answer to make sure you can squeeze everyone in front of your TV. Just try not to drop pizza on it.

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You'll also need bunting. Every celebration - especially in the UK - needs bunting. Fortunately, Amazon has some World Cup bunting ready to go: yours for just £10.48.

Then you'll want to do away with your regular remote for a football shaped one, won't you? Of course you will! Fortunately eBay will sell you a Maxim Football Remote, from about £3. It will probably deliver a £3 experience, but it's at least thematic.

A what? A caxirola. Replacing the vuvuzela as the official thing-that-makes-noise, the World Cup 2014 is all about the caxirola: it's getting as many headlines as Neymar.

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This is basically a shaker that looks like a hand grenade. You can find it just about everywhere to buy online. There are official FIFA versions on the FIFA Store that will cost you $13.99, or you can check out Google Shopping: has them from £1.

Bringing the experience to your pocket, there's no shortage of apps you'll want. 

Of course, you'll want to hook up your mobile device with your YouView box, so you can browse and schedule recordings in case you're not at home.

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There's plenty of apps to follow the action too. You'll want the BBC Sport app or BBC iPlayer, as well as ITV Player so you can watch those crucial matches.

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If you're a fan, then maybe you'll want to play the matches yourselves in FIFA 14, or collect the stickers in the official Panini Online Sticker Album.

We all love Google Maps, and Street View is one of the hottest features it offers.

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You can use it to take a look around the stadiums that the action will be played in, with a whole range of photos and panoramas.

Google has compiled them into a useful hub, which should be your first port of call to explore the stadiums.

Twitter sees a lot of action running through its network during any major event and the FIFA World Cup 2014 is no different.

This time, howe ver, the official drinks sponsor - Budweiser - and FIFA are going to open up voting via the social network. You'll be able to click on the picture of the player you want to vote for, as well as use the hashtag #manofthematch, bringing the power back to the people. Hopefully.

Facebook is pulling together the social side of the World Cup in a hub. You'll be able to see what's hot and what people are talking about on it's very own page.

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If you're feeling out of the loop, then dropping in on Facebook to catch-up on what's making headlines is a great way to stay in the loop.

You'll also be able the share the match you're watching through Facebook, so everyone will know what you're up to.

Whether you're at the office, or at home, the World Cup isn't the World Cup if there's no wall chart.

Fortunately, the internet has one and so you can simply download and print it out on your company A3 printer. Go on, it's a legitmate use of workplace equipment.

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It even lists the times of the games and the UK channels (where known) for your convenience.

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