Did you know that by changing a few settings within your YouView box you can make it boot up faster? What about searching to see if that movie you want to watch is on soon?

We've compiled as many YouView tips and tricks that we can find, and even talked to engineers inside YouView to get some not so well known secret ones too. And don't forget, let us know in the comments below if know of any that we've missed.

Please bear in mind, however, that there are various boxes out there and different remote styles. All these tips should apply to your YouView box.

Getting YouView setup

Faster boot up time - By default your YouView box will have the Eco-Mode set as high, but if you want a faster boot up time when you turn the YouView box on set this to low and it will enable your box to start up a lot quicker.

Annoyed by a whirring fan in standby - Some YouView boxes have a fan that can be a little noisy at night when the box is in standby. If it's stopping you sleeping, then try switching to high Eco-Mode. It will take longer to start, but you'll get a better night's sleep.

Use your YouView remote to control your TV - If you're a BT user, first go to bt.com/help/remote to find the right television codes for your brand of TV and then turn your TV on and hold down the TV button on your YouView remote for 3 seconds until the button light stays on. Enter the three digit code that matches the make and model of your television. If you entered the right code the button light will blink twice and your TV should then switch off. Press the OK button on your YouView remote control and the TV button will blink three times. You should now be able to control your TV via your YouView remote.

Always in HD - YouView is set up to play SD content by default to make sure that regardless of your internet connection speed you have a good, quick experience. To make sure you are watching catchup shows in HD, press the blue YouView button > Settings > TV Signal & Quality and then scroll down to Play in High Definition.

Getting all the available On Demand players - Every so often it is a good idea to make sure the On Demand Players are up to date so you get access to the latest content YouView has added. It is really simple to do. Go to Settings > Device Management > Update On Demand Players. If you are missing out it will make sure you aren't any more.

Automatically turning your box off - If you want to save some power you can get YouView to turn your box off after a while. There are four options for the Automatic Standby Time setting which is found in Settings > Device Management. From this option you can select to have it turned off after 2, 3, 4, or 12 hours of inactivity.

Powerline adapter warning - Some channels aren't supported by Powerline adapters. You might be missing out if you don't have a direct Ethernet connection with your router.

TV aerial loop through - If you want your TV's tuner to still get a signal when the YouView box is turned off, you'll have to switch to low Eco-Mode to enable the aerial loop through.

Surround sound - YouView supports Dolby Digital Plus, but you need to enable the option in the sound settings. Whether you're using the SPDIF/optical cable or HDMI for sound, you'll get the option of stereo or surround sound in the menu.

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YouView basics

Use the YouView button - The YouView button on the remote is the gateway to everything. Hit that button and you'll find all the options available to you. You can filter content by scrolling left or right in the different sections. Only want movies on demand? That's just a couple of presses away.

Filtering channels - You can filter the guide to show only certain channels, such as HD channels. Press the Guide button on the remote and then press the Blue button. Scroll to the right and choose HD, and then press the Blue button again to apply the filter.

On demand through the EPG - If you missed that programme and want to see if it's available on demand, scroll back through the EPG. If the listing has an encircled play symbol on the left, you can select it and get it playing straight away. 

Hiding channels - If you want you can hide channels completely from the guide. Press Guide, then press Yellow on your remote to enter Edit Channels mode. You then have to enter your PIN (usually 1234 if you haven't changed it) and then select the channels you want to hide from view. Once you delete the ones you don't want you won't see them in the guide again.

Adult content - If you don't want your young ones seeing adult options in the Guide or On Demand content, you can go to Settings > Parental Controls > Restrict Adult Category. Type in your PIN (1234) and then opt to Show or Hide. If you want to Restrict Rated Programmes, you can do this from the same area in settings and restrict programming based on age rating or Watershed status. Handy if the YouView box is for a kids bedroom.

Searching for shows - Press the search button on your remote while you are watching TV and you can then search for any programme by name. YouView will list all the instances of that programme available On Demand or On Now & Next. All you've got to do it select which one to watch. It will even show you films in Now TV for example.

Subtitles and Audio Description - YouView lets you very quickly turn on Subtitles and Audio Description at the press of a button on the remote. At any time while watching a programme press the bottom left (AD) or bottom right (SUB) button to activate the feature.

Find more episodes - When browsing the guide you can press the "i" button on your remote to find more episodes of that programme. Go to Guide > press i > scroll across to the toolbar and select More Episodes > OK.

Get through the Guide quickly - The fast forward and rewind buttons on your remote will let you go forward 24 hours or go back 24 hours in the Guide. If you want to return to what's on now after your searching into the future or the past, simply press the Green button.

Available in HD? - You might be watching in SD when there's an HD alternative. Hit the "i" button and it will tell if it's also available in HD so you can switch over.

The powerful Close button - Whatever you are doing, if you've had enough press the Close button on the remote and you'll go back to the live TV view.

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Getting even more out of the YouView box

Download the YouView app - You can download the YouView app on the iPhone and Android to give you extra functionality. Once downloaded the YouView App can be connected to your YouView set-top box and let you set recordings even when you aren't at home. You can connect up to five devices.

Getting more space automatically - If you've filled up your box and are always finding you need more space, you can setup the YouView box to auto delete the oldest programmes you've recorded to make more space for the latest ones. Press The YouView button on your remote then Settings > Device Management > and press OK on Auto Delete Recordings on.

Locking a recording - If you've selected to have programmes auto deleting, then you might want to lock some of them if they are important. In MyView highlight the recording and press the Yellow button. It is now safe.

Additional content from your ISP - If you're a BT or TalkTalk customer, then you'll get additional content on YouView from those suppliers. There's a huge range of options, from free BT Sport channels, to on-demand movies and much more.

For more information visit: www.youview.com, on Twitter @YouView and Facebook atfacebook.com/youview.