YouView has finally released an Android application that allows owners of the digital TV set-top-box to record shows remotely from their mobile device.

The iOS version has been around for a while now, so Android device users have been eagerly awaiting a release for their smartphones and tablets.

As well as allowing you to set a recording from your phone or tablet device, YouView app offers a full seven-day programme guide for more than 70 digital television and radio channels. It shows details for programming that's on now and next. Information on each broadcast is given. And you can connect up to five devices, Android or iOS, to your set-top box, given other family members control too.

YouView claims that the app will work on "most Android 2.3+ devices", but it has been optimised to work on Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S2, LG Nexus 4, HTC One S and Samsung Galaxy Ace.

It works with all YouView set-top boxes, including those from BT and TalkTalk.

You can download the YouView app for Android from Google Play for free now.