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(Pocket-lint) - YouView has announced that support for internet channels is coming to YouView boxes, meaning you'll be able to watch live TV delivered via the internet. YouView says this will take the current offering of 70 live broadcast channels to a potentially infinite number.

Initially, internet channels will be provided by BT and TalkTalk, with those providers governing the content that will be available to their customers.

Technically speaking, YouView will be enabling the software for all boxes including retail boxes, but it will be dependent on the ISP for content delivery. The software update will be rolling out soon, so that the service will be live in summer 2013, and in time for the start of the football season from BT Sport, for example.

YouView is adding the ability to watch these internet channels, fully integrated into the EPG for a seamless experience just as with other YouView content, with the ability to scroll back, as well as search for content. We've had the chance to see the updated YouView experience with internet channels, and in reality, the source of the content makes little difference.

Furthur down the line, YouView will be bringing additional support for internet channels, with new features in autumn 2013, that will allow you to pause, skip, record and so on.

To identify those channels coming through your broadband, there will be a new three dot indicator, and both SD and HD channels.

Currently it is not known what the channel line-up from TalkTalk or BT will include, but YouView told us today that separate announcements from those providers could be expected soon.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 30 May 2013.