Richard Halton, YouView CEO, today reported that YouView is now installed in 400,000 homes in the UK, calling YouView the "fastest growing TV product in the UK".

"YouView is in 400,000 homes in the UK," said Halton, detailing the figures up to the end of March. Expanding this further, Halton said that 2.2 million video streams are viewed each week.

Although YouView doesn't break down exactly which provider these numbers are coming from, TalkTalk recently reported that it had 230,000 YouView boxes installed, so the rest falls with BT and retail sales. 

Reaffirming the ambition of the YouView platform, Halton said: "we are far from resting on our laurels … If launching was crossing the start line, this is the first marker."

Within the figures, it's also reported that users are typically watching around 3 hours of video on demand content a week, with 60 per cent of YouView customers watching VOD every week. Interestingly, one of the top streams comes from kids' favourite Peppa Pig.