YouView, the all-in-one set-top box and catch-up service, has had a remote record-enabling iOS application available since the end of 2012, but 2013 brings series record and other new goodies to the app's functionality.

As well as series record being added to the latest version, it's also possible to view what's on now and next - even if you're out the house and can't actually watch said programmes - in an easy-to-read fashion on the single Apple screen device. It makes for easier viewing than before when using a smaller-screen Apple device, such as an iPhone.

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There's no longer a divison by day either in the latest update,  and instead it's possible to scroll forward by a full week through all available channels and the date automatically displays at the top of the screen to act as a reference point.

It's a little neater and tidier than before, but we're still left wondering where the Android and possibly other platform versions have got to - there's no sign of support as yet.