Humax has launched a new-look set top box for YouView. The DTR-T1010 sports a much slicker looking brushed-aluminium style front, with a bright silver control dial.

The rest of the box is black, but it is far more pleasing to the eye than the gloss plastic box put together for YouView originally. Coming in two forms, at £299 for a 500GB hard drive or £329 for a 1TB option, the YouView box is on sale at John Lewis now and will be hitting other shops later in the month.

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YouView is now finally starting to become a more persuasive product. It has got the UI and now the boxes have got the looks as well. An included HDMI cable and Ethernet connection complete the DTR-T1010 package. 

This box will gradually replace the currently available Humax DTR-T1000 and should become standard in the YouView world fairly soon. We were suitably impressed with YouView, despite how long it took to launch.