YouView has not been without its problems of late, with massive delays (as exclusively revealed on Pocket-lint), a change in its management team in the form of Sir Alan Sugar replacing Kip Meek as non-executive chairman, and constant scrutinisation by Ofcom. However, none of these have scared off potential partners, as the venture, previously known as Project Canvas, has revealed that it is now working with 29 leading content and tech service providers.

The forthcoming subscription-TV platform invited "expressions of interests" last autumn, and out of the many applications it has chosen the following to work closer with:

On-demand content providers Blinkbox, Blinkx, BSkyB, Film4oD, Golant Media Ventures, Guardian News & Media, IndieMoviesOnline, Lovefilm, Pushbutton, Radioplayer, Stream UK, STV, Travel Channel, Tvinci, UTV and woomi are on board, with BSkyB being, perhaps, the most surprising on the list due to its former famed resistance to the venture.

In addition, Alcatel-Lucent, Blinkx, Capablue, Deluxe, easeltv, IMD, ioko, Kaltura, Nativ, Ooyala, Red Bee Media, Technicolor, TripleSEE and Twofour will advise on technology and service provision.

Presumably, when the service launches in February 2012, many of the above will be featured in the form of accessible apps. But it is, perhaps, the technological experience of the 29 organisations that will benefit YouView most.

The more astute will notice that Blinkx is listed twice, as both a content and service provider, and certainly Suranga Chandratillake, CEO, founder and friend to Pocket-lint, is thrilled to be working with the venture. He doesn't believe that the delays have hurt YouView at all, and that what his and other companies do now could help IPTV services around the globe: "Clearly, we’re delighted to have been selected for YouView’s advisory groups on content and service delivery", he said.

"This is an opportunity to help define the future of television not just for the UK, but as a template for the rest of the world, and make standards based, open internet-connected TV a reality. Blinkx has built its business on understanding how to find and deliver video and TV content on the Web - we’re looking forward to assisting in the creation of a rich, diverse and interactive experience in YouView. It’s an important time, and we’re up for the challenge."

Maybe things are looking a little rosier.

Will you wait for YouView to arrive? Or are you happy enough with paid TV providers such as BSkyB and Virgin Media? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below...