YouTube has gone on a bit of a PR offensive against what it refers to as "myths we repeatedly see". The company asserts that growth is good for the company, and that it's monetising its content effectively.

"There's been a lot of speculation lately about how much it costs to run YouTube", says Chris Dale and Aaron Zamost, Communications and Public Affairs, in a post on YouTube's partner and advertiser blog. "The truth is that all our infrastructure is built from scratch, which means models that use standard industry pricing are too high when it comes to bandwidth and similar costs".

"We are at a point where growth is definitely good for our bottom line, not bad", the company adds. It also says that the statistic that YouTube is only monetising 3-5% of the site is false and outdated, saying that monetised views are more important, and that it's monetising more views than other video sites have total views.

The company also talks about the availability of premium and HD content on the service, and plans for rolling out more advertising features "soon". Over 70% of Ad Age Top 100 marketers apparently ran campaigns on YouTube in 2008.