Topical, considering the political situation in Iran and the importance in being placed on Web 2.0 tools as a means of communication, Google has announced that YouTube has gone live with a new blog to support its "Citizentube" video channel.

Citizentube is described as a "special YouTube blog devoted to chronicling the way that people are using video to change the world".

In a blog post, YouTube says: "If you've followed news and politics on YouTube, you might have noticed that we started Citizentube as a video channel on the site a few years back, but we soon realized that keeping track of all the phenomenal uses of YouTube by posting our own videos just wasn't fast enough".

The blog will focus on two types of posts, the political and social uses of YouTube and its own programming initiatives and partnerships in the political, news, and nonprofit arenas.

Claiming to provide users with a "filter" that you can use to see "the way that video is changing our world", the blog can be found at and on Twitter too -