A website surfaced over the weekend which might make your head spin. It's called Yooouuutuuube, and if you're not pronouncing that like you're falling off a cliff then you're doing it wrong.

It takes YouTube videos and splits them up into frames - showing each frame in a tiny mosaic. Those frames then move, so you follow events going up the page.

If that sounds a little trippy, you wouldn't be wrong. You can customise how many rows and columns it shows, and you can zoom in and out at will.

If it doesn't make your brain explode, then it might do the same to your computer. Streaming lots of tiny videos at once is quite processer-intensive, so if you're rocking a PC straight outta' 1999 then be prepared for it to run a little slowly.

Stick your favourite YouTube videos in and give it a try, then share the best in the comments below.