Susan Boyle has shot into the top 5 online videos of all time according to a new top 10 video chart published this week.

The chart, created by Visible Measures, takes into account not only YouTube numbers but something the company calls True Reach, ie all video playbacks on multiple sites across the web.

Dominated by music videos and professionally created content, the Soulja Boy: Crank That music video tops the listing with 356,300,000 views over the last 21 months.

In comparison, British newcomer Susan Boyle who shot to fame just 3 weeks ago on the new series of Britain's Got Talent has according to the research been watched over 186,000,000 times.

Other Simon Cowell finds are also in the list with Leona Lewis and Paul Potts both in the top 20.

The company says the chart will be a regular thing suggesting that it won't be long before Boyle is the most viewed person on the Internet.