We've had the story of the employee facing the axe after boasting on Facebook that he was skiving (and of course his boss saw). And then there was the maniac motorcyclist who filmed himself speeding the wrong way down a road - and is now heading to jail.

But this chap should have known better.

A Dutch tourist filmed British journalist Adam Smith slumped against railings the night that Barack Obama was elected trying to file copy.

The reporter for the Birmingham Mail, who no doubt didn't remember any of this in the morning, decided to give a drunken rant into the camera, which included several ... errr ... profanities aimed at his boss.

Smith slurs: "As an ill-advised promise, I've decided to say to my paper back home that I'd write about the American election. I wanted to be here because I'm here for history. The trouble is, the readers are going to get my version of history. And I'm just a little bit pissed".

He later adds, with "a two-finger salute" aimed at his employers: "My name is Adam Smith ... who has just resigned from the Birmingham Mail, the Birmingham Post and the Birmingham Sunday Mercury, to set up my own magazine ... F*** you".

Smith also seems to admit nicking text from the Beeb - something he has later retracted.

The video has been viewed 20,000 times, but sadly Smith is leaving his job at the end of week, although this is because he's accepted redundancy as opposed to getting the boot.

In a follow-up video also posted on YouTube, a distinctly more sober Mr Smith apologises and says: "I was off duty, I am on official holiday working at the South Beach Miami Barack Obama campaign where I had just done an 18-hour shift trying to make the world a better place. Please check every BBC News outlet and see if I have cut and pasted anything. I have not, it was a joke and should be taken in the spirit it was said".