A man who recorded himself doing a whole load of crimes and posted them as more than 80 videos on YouTube has got his comeuppance.

MrChimp2007, aka Andrew Kellett, posted videos of himself and friends racing cars, stealing, taking drugs, and trespassing (as well as a particularly touching excerpt where he burns a box of letters sent by him to his former girlfriend while he was enjoying a spell under her majesty's pleasure).

Dubbed the "world's dumbest criminal" by a Leeds Councillor, Kellett has now been given an interim anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) from Leeds Magistrates' Court.

This prevents him posting up any more videos or images of his activities.

It also means that if he is caught dangerous driving again, he will be marched off to prison.

In the meantime, many of his antics are still up on YouTube, as the website's team has not deemed them "inappropriate".

YouTube told PC Pro: "YouTube has clear policies that prohibit inappropriate content on the site. Our community understands the rules and polices the site for inappropriate material.

"When users feel content is inappropriate they can flag it and our staff then review it as quickly as possible to see if it violates our Terms of Use. If users repeatedly break these rules we disable their accounts."

One of his finer moments is posted above - be warned, contains explicit language.