So there may not be videos of Amy Winehouse forgetting her lyrics, or a baby laughing at tearing paper, but a religious YouTube-style site has gained so many followers that a London-based hedge fund has decided to invest.

GLG Partners, which has no known religious affiliation, has decided to back GodTube with a $30m investment.

With almost 80% of the American population - about 240 million - describing themselves as Christian, there's obviously a massive market for virtuous videos, so much so that the Texas-based site gets around two million users a month.

Jason Illian, GodTube's chief strategy officer, told Reuters, that this is nothing short of miraculous: "We underestimated the thirst for something more meaningful on the internet".

And the content - anything from a spoof on Star Wars (May God's force be with you) to a parody of Sir Mix-A-Lot's Baby Got Back.

And then there are prayer walls (including one call for prayers for a family who need a new car - don't we all?) and sermons. So, you can get your soul saved and surf at the same time.