The recent skirmish between Apple and NBC over iTunes content is perhaps not as much of a surprise when you put it into context of wider industry developments.

The falling out, supposedly over pricing issues and piracy problems, may be just the surface of the reasons that NBC aren't worried about towing the Apple line anymore.

NBC have a new online route to market for their TV content - the previously announced "New Site" a TV, video and film portal they're launching in association with News Corp.

Although the site's been public knowledge since March, and made headlines again in the summer when it secured $100 million in funding, it's taken a massive step forward with a name, internet address and Beta sign up.

The "YouTube killer" has finally been christened "" apparently, and pinch of salt here, because it was easy to spell.

The plans for the site are that it will show both full episodes and clips from television shows - available free of charge - but advertising supported. Films will apparently also be shown, although it is not confirmed at this stage if they are to be free too.

Described as a "game changer" for internet video the site, with agreements already signed with Yahoo, AOL, MSN and MySpace as well as massive big-money ad deals, will reach 96% of American internet users when fully launched.

If that doesn't make petty squabbles over iTunes content seem like small potatoes, we don't know would does.