Instead of just the ability to add clips to your MySpace page, MySpace are introducing a fully-fledged video service.

Called MySpace TV, the new channel will be available to anyone, not just members, to view on a separate URL and is hoped to become a very serious rival to YouTube, although with more of an emphasis on professional and studio produced material.

If this seems a bit ambitious then think again because in April stat gurus ComScore revealed that over 50 million people in America watched video clips on MySpace, compared to 58 million on YouTube, not a huge difference to have to try and make up.

Similar to YouTube, after its very recent internationalisation, MySpace TV will be available in 15 countries and seven different languages.

The boundaries between the two sites are set to blur even further as YouTube is testing some features that could see the site having more of a social-networking-type angle with chat and sharing functions.

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