HDMI Group today announced that, together with the Venture Capital fund SEGF, it has undertaken a management buy-out of Miglia, the Macintosh-based computer peripherals brand including Miglia's award-winning TV on your Mac range.

Following the acquisition, HDMI Group will continue to provide Miglia customers with sales, pre-sales, technical support, as well as honour any warranties on products purchased prior to this change.

HDMI Group plan to broaden the portfolio beyond the Mac platform with the addition of Windows accessories and other computer lifestyle brands.

SEGF is a venture capital fund committed to investing in fast-growing SMEs in England. Avent Bezuidenhoudt, Investment Manager at SEGF, said: "We have high expectations for the growth of HDMI Group and Miglia and we are looking forward to our involvement in the business".

"Not only does Miglia have an impressive range of innovative products, but the HDMI Group management team has also demonstrated excellent credentials. We look forward to a successful partnership for the future."

Miglia, now a division of HDMI Group, is a manufacturer of both computer and consumer electronics accessories for the digital lifestyle. The company's products leverage high-end
audio, video and voice technologies and apply them to the broader consumer marketplace.

HDMI Group's vision is to provide PC, Mac and digital lifestyle accessories that enhance the user's experience.