X-OOM Software has launched INTERNET MOVIES 3: YouTube Edition, a new video management tool ideal for fans of YouTube, MySpace and Google video.

The software apparently enables home made movie buffs to be able to edit and upload videos effortlessly and in a matter of minutes.

INTERNET MOVIES 3: YouTube Edition can handle and convert all types of movie format video clips, trailers or even entire movies for sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Google Video and YouTube.

Users will be able to create videos and clips for websites, or single or compilation DVDs from favourite movie files, or even download movies directly from the Internet.

Key features include being able to cut film scenes easily within the previous window and editing options that allow users to cut and backup favourite film scenes.

X-OOM are promising that the new software will let you edit and trim your footage within minutes to transfer to the web, with fully automatic transfers to YouTube.

Among others, the product supports DivX, XviD, Real, MPEG2, MPEG4, WMV, 3GP and Flash Video video formats.

INTERNET MOVIES 3: YouTube Edition is £29.99, link to the site below.