EMI Music and Google-owned YouTube today announced a landmark agreement which will give YouTube users unprecedented access to official videos and recordings from EMI Music artists, including those featured in user generated content.

"With this deal, all four of the world's major music companies are now official YouTube partners", said Chad Hurley, CEO and Co-founder of YouTube.

"EMI is a proven leader in the emerging digital music landscape and one of the world's largest and most respected music companies. We're excited to add EMI Music's stellar roster of artists' content to our site and make it available to our community."

This deal means that YouTube users will now be able to enjoy authorised music videos from the likes of David Bowie, Coldplay, The Decemberists, Fat Boy Slim, Gorillaz, Lily Allen, Norah Jones and YouTube Video Award winners, OK Go and Sick Puppies.

For EMI it means that their artists get a fresh route to market, and can please their fan bases, by reaching all of YouTube's squillions of users.

Related news from earlier today revealed that Warner Music were setting up their own free to view music video TV websites, looks like they could have saved themselves some trouble...