It's over as quick as one of the videos on its website, however YouTube has already announced the winners of its inaugural awards.

The winners ranged from the Chicago band OK Go dancing across treadmills, to a Sydney man who hugged strangers in the street, to an animated video about a kiwi bird trying to fly.

Byrne said these YouTube pioneers had laid the foundation for a new medium that was influencing how people are entertained and informed, with a new generation of viewers as likely to spend their time in front of computers as television screens.

And the winners were:

Most Creative -- Here It Goes Again - OKGo
Most Inspirational - Free Hugs Campaign - PeaceOnEarth123
Best Series -- Ask A Ninja - digitalfilmmaker
Best Comedy -- Smosh Short 2: Stranded - Smosh
Best Music Video -- Say It's Possible - TerraNaomi
Best Commentary -- Hotness Prevails - thewinekone
Most Adorable Video Ever -- Kiwi! - Madyeti47

The video sharing site set up the awards to commemorate the best original user created videos of 2006 and the artists who made them.

"Winners from each category will be prominently featured and will receive a trophy to honour their achievement", YouTube said.