YouTube, today announced the first-ever YouTube Video Awards, established to recognize the creative achievements of the YouTube community.

The video sharing site says it has set up the awards to commemorate the best original user created videos of 2006 and the artists who made them.

There will be just seven categories in total and the site is encouraging YouTube users to vote in deciding the best videos available

Categories include:

Most Creative -- Innovative And Cutting Edge Video
Most Inspirational -- Things That Make You Think Or Feel
Best Series -- The Best In Serial Entertainment
Best Comedy -- They Had Us In Stitches
Musician Of The Year -- Celebrating YouTube's Home-Grown Musical Talent
Best Commentary -- The Bloggers Who Caught Our Attention
Most Adorable Video Ever -- So Cute It Hurts.

The voting period, which begins today, will end on Friday 23 March.

And what if you win? "Winners from each category will be prominently featured and will receive a trophy to honour their achievement." YouTube said.