A new interactive online video community site that lets anyone be seen and get heard has launched online.

Called Vlip, the site gives users a public forum to easily say what they want with

Rather than just another YouTube or Flickr, Vlip says its unique “threader” technology links Vlips and their replies together on Vlip.com and across multiple Web sites, blogs and wikis.

This according to the company means that Vlips are not static – they are dynamic and take on a life of their own with the participation of the Vlip community.

The Vlip user (“Vlipper”) can also easily e-mail (v-mail) their Vlips and embed them into other Web sites (for example, on their MySpace page or blog). And best of all, Vlip requires no download or registration of any kind—all you need is a webcam to easily “Vlip it!” and create and share a Vlip.