There's a new online advertising platform on the block, and it's out to challenge Google AdWord's dominance of the market.

Fast AdMomentum lets companies place contextually-relevant ads on their websites without using Google as the middleman.

AdMomentum is being sold as a software license, not or a share of the revenue, which is how Google makes its money. It's already been implemented by, a newspaper group in Norway, and a search site in Australia.

"Publishers have been looking for ways to tap into the online search market and now they can control the delivery of ads rather than outsource them to ad networks", said Fast's VP of media solutions, Perry Solomon.

"It's yet another example of Fast making a fairly aggressive move up the stack, making search more of a platform for running an end-to-end e-business."

AdMomentum supports not just online text-based sponsored links, but also audio and video advertising.