UK Government officials have begun using the video file sharing website YouTube to see how they can take advantage of its technology.

Senior executives at the Cabinet Office have posted their first two short films on, under the username "publicservice".

Although most of us have been using the social video networking site for some time, officials have decided to turn to YouTube to spread the message about their plans to overhaul public services through IT.

Their first online video is a short promotional film explaining their
"Transformational Government" strategy.

A second, slightly longer clip concerns Whitehall plans to save money by consolidating service departments and the leadership challenges this poses for managers.

A Cabinet Office spokesperson said today: "YouTube is just one example of how people are changing the way they communicate all the time".

"Government needs to keep pace with these changes and ensure we are always looking at new ways to reach people with the things that they need to know."

"We are open to new ways of communicating, we are watching the digital revolution all the time and developing our own ways in government to communicate."

Ian Dunmore, Director of Public Sector Forums said: "This looks like the first time a government anywhere has used YouTube in this way. However we don't expect the videos to surge to the top of the popularity chart just yet".