There's an Android app that will let you download YouTube songs and videos to your Android. It's called KeepVid Android.

KeepVid Android is not only a free YouTube downloader, which lets you download directly to your device at not cost, but it also lets you visit any video site and download directly, whether that be YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, DailyMotion, etc. While we were playing around with the Android app, we discovered several other handy features. Here's everything you need to know.

How can you get KeepVid Android?

Easy, just go to the KeepVid Android website and download the apk. You'll first have to ensure your device is enable to download from unknown sources (Settings > Security > Unknown sources > Allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store). Once the apk downloads, it'll appear on your device like any other app. Just look for the KeepVid Android app on your device.

How does KeepVid Android work?

Getting started

Once you download the KeepVid Android apk, launch the KeepVid Android app on your device. You will notice the main interface has three main tabs: Sites, Discover, and Subscribe. There are also three buttons in the corner that let you search for videos and music to download, manage your downloads, and access settings. We recommend playing around to familiarise yourself with the UI.


From the Sites tab in the KeepVid Android app, you'll see several thumbnails to different sites, such as YouTube and Facebook. Clicking these thumbnails will open up the website within KeepVid Android. You may need to sign into the site with your login credentials in order to access the media you want to download. Once you find the media, copy it's URL.

We logged in to Facebook, for instance, found a video in our feed we wanted to download, then tapped the download icon in the corner of the video, and gave permission to our device to download is via KeepVid Android always. Occasionally we were brought to another page where we had to tap the download button again. Either way, the video downloaded to our Android every time.

On the Sites tab, you will also notice a + button in the corner. Tap it to enter the URL you want to download. So, instead of tapping the YouTube thumbnail, logging in, finding the video, and downloading, you can tap the +button and quickly paste a YouTube video URL or any video URL you want to download. Once you do that, it'll download to your device. Quick and easy.


You can also browse and download from KeepVid Android's own collection of media. Just tap the Discover tab and scroll through the feed of recommendations. You can also tap the search icon at the top of the app, then enter an artist or song, and find media that way. We searched for Britney Spears, and then we saw related results with options to download each of the results.


To easily access your YouTube subscriptions, just tap the Subscribe tab in KeepVid Android. You will of course have to login to your Google account, but then your subscriptions will be listed there, along with options to download and share their YouTube videos.

What else can you do?


Every time you download a file from a site or from browsing KeepVid Android, you can tap the downloader icon next to search to manage your downloads - including multiple videos at one time. You will see what's not only currently downloading but what's also downloaded. From the downloader screen, you can also tap the more button (...) to play the download or share it.


All videos in Discover and on websites accessed through the app will have a share option, as well. Just tap the universal share button, and your share card should then pop up with links to copy to clipboard, save to a storage service, share via SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Skype, Tumblr, Whatsapp, or any other social media app you have installed on your device.

Is there a website?

If you don't want to mess around with the Android app, just use KeepVid's free Youtube to MP4 online downloader tool here. All you have to do is paste your YouTube video url into the page and it will download - for free - from there.