YouTube has launched a version of its app designed specifically for users on slow data connections or with limiting data caps.

YouTube Go has been developed initially for users in India but will then be rolled out wider after a testing period.

It is designed to work well even when there is low or no connectivity, offering to save versions of videos for offline viewing. In addition, it tells you exactly how much data a download or playback will consume. And it gives image quality options to watch and download videos.

A standard definition video might take 12MB or more to download or view, but a lower quality version could be available for a fraction of that.

Previews of videos are available, to choose whether you want to continue to watch, but they do so through a gallery of stills rather than rolling video, again saving data.

The final data saving feature is that you can share a video with friends and family nearby without using a phone connection. It will transmit locally from app to app.

YouTube Go is free and can be requested in India by signing up on a dedicated webpage. Once testing is over it will become more widely available.