(Pocket-lint) - YouTube has been working on an online TV service, and a new report makes it seem like it might finally be coming together.

According to The Information, YouTube is close to inking deals with ESPN, ABC, and CBS. If that's true, those channels will be offered through YouTube's upcoming service. The Google-owned video site is trying to get other major broadcasters on board, too. It's supposedly considering passing on smaller networks though, such as HGTV, and will instead use similar channels with content culled from YouTube videos.

Reports have claimed the new service will be called Unplugged, and it should cost less than $35 a month, giving competitors like Dish's SlingTV and Sony's PlayStation Vue a run for their money. Unplugged will basically offer a core group of channels, and then customers will be able to buy add-on packages of smaller channels. And all this is expected to launch in six to nine months.  

That means by early next year you'll have yet another online TV service to choose from. It'll be interesting to see how YouTube tries to grab our interest, considering tonnes of other services, including SlingTV, already offer channels like ESPN, ABC, and CBS. CBS also has its own standalone subscription service. Plus, The Information made it seem like YouTube Red isn't even doing well.

That service lets YouTubers sell their original content to subscribers who fork over $9.99 a month, but if it that can't even catch on, it makes us wonder whether Unplugged will be able to find any traction either.

Writing by Elyse Betters.