(Pocket-lint) - Google is reportedly working on a live broadcasting service that will take on Twitter's Periscope. This service is called YouTube Connect.

According to sources of VentureBeat, YouTube has committed to building the Connect service not only to take on Twitter's Periscope and Facebook Live but to enhance its live offerings as a whole.

Snapchat has shot to popularity since its release and in February alone accounted for 8 billion video views. That's an area YouTube won't want to lose out on.

YouTube connect will reportedly work for iOS and Android as an app that allow users to login with a Google or YouTube account to begin streaming. That makes this another stand alone app for YouTube, joining YouTube Gaming for frag-filled fun and YouTube Capture for recording and editing footage.

Thanks to logging in, users will get a news feed of the latest clips from friends or those subscribed to on YouTube. Storage of previous broadcasts will be possible allowing for replays. But sharing with Facebook or Twitter does not appear possible, according to the source right now.

The YouTube Connect app may make an appearance at the Google I/O developer conference event which starts in May.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.