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(Pocket-lint) - One of the big tech trends of 2016 is thought to be virtual reality. Not only has Google sold plenty of its Cardboard headsets and Oculus and Samsung had great success with the consumer version of Gear VR, but we'll soon see Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive come to market. The PlayStation VR headset is due this year too.

Of course, with all of the hardware on their merry way, it remains to be seen where all the content will come from. It's all well and good strapping a VR device to your noggin, you'll need something to play on it.

One of the answers could come from YouTube, which already offers some 360-degree videos to view on and from its online site. Now there is talk that it will introduce the ability to livestream surround video too.

Buzzfeed News claims that multiple sources "familiar with the company's plans" reveal that YouTube is to livestream events and the like in 360-degrees, which can then be viewed through Cardboard or another VR headset as if you are there.

It is said that the Google-owned company is in talks with 360-degree camera manufacturers to add internet support in order to stream footage live.

No brands have been named, but it is known that GoPro has its own 360-degree camera setup and Samsung is planning to fully announce the camera it teased during CES last month.

With Facebook also hosting 360-degree videos, it seems the future is bright for VR content.

Writing by Rik Henderson.