(Pocket-lint) - Paramount, one of the biggest studios in Hollywood, has started a YouTube channel with free movies.

The Paramount Vault is a free to view YouTube channel with hundreds of movies available to stream at the click of the play button. These are sectioned into genres and are available to watch in the US only right now. Something that's easily side-stepped with a VPN – not that we're condoning that, of course.

So what's the catch? Firstly the movies are limited to a top resolution of 480p – as in just slightly better than VHS. The second is that most of the films were out in the era of VHS, or earlier. Essentially it looks like Paramount is testing the YouTube waters but making sure full screen TV viewing isn't really possible.

Titles available on the Vault include He-Man's Masters of the Universe, Jack Nicholson's Ironweed and oddities like American Ninja II or Queer Duck: The Movie.

So it doesn't look like the big screen is in any danger of being usurped by YouTube just yet. But with the potential to stream in 4K perhaps YouTube could offer more in the future. Of course Paramount would need to make money from it's titles so we're not expecting this to happen anytime soon.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.