(Pocket-lint) - Google said it planned to launch its Twitch-like YouTube Gaming service sometime this summer - and now we have an exact date: 26 August.

Google previewed a new initiative it was working in on in June called YouTube Gaming. It's a mobile app as well as a website designed to showcase YouTube's gaming content. YouTube Gaming will not only feature dedicated pages for games, but also live-streaming capabilities, among many other things.

At launch, YouTube Gaming will boast more than 25,000 pages for game titles. These pages will host livestreams, videos, gameplay footage, promotional stuff, and more. The site and mobile app will exclusively be about gaming, so when you search for "Grand", you will get results for "Grand Theft Auto V" etc.

It basically automatically pulls gaming-related videos and live streams from YouTube. Google plans to launch this service on 26 August, but it will initially only be available in the US and UK. You'll be able to access it at the following site: gaming.youtube.com. It'll also have Android and iOS apps.

The apps are scheduled to go live at 10am PT. According to Google, its new live-streaming service will support streaming of up to 60 frames per second and can auto-convert live streams into an on-demand YouTube videos.

It'll be interesting to see how YouTube Gaming does compared to Twitch. YouTube had attempted to acquire that gaming company for around $1 billion last year, but then Amazon swooped in and bought it for the same price.

Writing by Elyse Betters.