(Pocket-lint) - There have been a few real-life videos of first-person shooter games, but nothing like this.

The creative geniuses at RealmPictures have created an entire gaming world, including zombies, weapons and boss baddies. But rather than just making a video, they took to Chatroulette (yup, it's still going) and let real people control the outcome.

The result is one amazing video showing the various choices each person made and how it played out in the real-world game. Needless to say there's shooting, zombie death and scares, but surprisingly it's pretty funny too. Since RealmPictures is based in a church it seemed like the right thing to do. And it was so right.

The attention to detail is brilliant. Keep an eye on the character's face in the centre which becomes beaten up, with great effects, as health drops – just like Doom. Things like barricaded pathways that we know so well from games are used to great effect to keep the experience fairly linear. And check out those modified NERF guns, very impressive. The end-game boss was a mix of home-made costume design and a giant space marine cosplay suit.

The video of all the action is below and below that is the making of. Warning, it's addictive to watch.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.