(Pocket-lint) - A video able to run in 8K has appeared on YouTube. It is also labelled as such and has a 4320p resolution (7680 x 4320).

Of course, considering you need a beefy computer and display to get 4K video to work it's highly unlikely you'll get 8K video to run smoothly unless you have a professional setup, but you can always give it a go. And you'll only get the benefit if you have an 8K monitor or screen as well.

It's a sign of the changing times though, although we doubt that 8K TVs will be a consumer proposition for quite some time. We're only just getting used to Ultra HD 4K tellies hitting the market. And let's face it, there's little content in that format available to view at present.

Regardless, it's nice to see YouTube embrace the format and applaud Neumann Films for putting up a beautifully shot piece of super high resolution footage.

Ghost Towns was filmed using a RED Epic Dragon 6K camera in portrait orientation and to bump the footage up to 8K, some of it was upscaled or stitched together in Adobe After Effects - a clever way to create 8K video without a dedicated camera.

Have a look for yourself and see what you think. Don't forget to choose the highest resolution setting.

Writing by Rik Henderson.