(Pocket-lint) - YouTube has officially begun moving away from a site that hosts billions of clips to a Hollywood-like company that green lights feature films and original series, but of course, these productions will premiere on YouTube first and star some of the biggest YouTube names.

YouTube offers a Creator Hub and YouTube Spaces and other resources across the world in order to help YouTube stars and creators make premium content for YouTube. It's basically been investing in content, meaning YouTube is not only a video-sharing platform, but also a new-age production company of sorts. And that's never been more apparent than today, with its latest partnership announcements.

YouTube has announced partnerships with four top creators, with the purpose of bringing feature films and original series to YouTube. It's backing a scripted comedy series from the Fine Brothers, whose YouTube channels have 17 million subscribers. The brothers have also earned a Daytime Emmy. Their new show, produced with Mandeville Films, will be a satirical look at singing-competition shows.

YouTube has also partnered with Prank vs. Prank, which has nearly 14 million subscribers for their two channels, to create a series of shows of ambitious pranks with celebrity guests. It's also helping Joey Graceffa, who has won two Teen Choice awards and more than 5 million subscribers, create a murder-mystery reality series featuring other YouTube stars.

YouTube is also helping comedy duo Smosh, which is currently creating a movie with AwesomenessTV, make a new comedy series about working at a themed restaurant ("where out-of-control kids and crazy parents are all in a day’s work"). Smosh has more than 35 million subscribers. Beyond these original series, YouTube is also backing several films.

"We’re also excited to announce a new collaboration between YouTube and AwesomenessTV. We’ll release several feature length films over the next two years, all driven by YouTube stars," explained Google in a blog post. "The films will all premiere globally on YouTube before they become available elsewhere."

The first film should release this autumn. There's no word yet on what it's about or who it stars.

Writing by Elyse Betters.