Ever wondered what would happen if Game of Thrones and Zelda combined? Neither did we, but now the idea's there it's a pretty exciting one. Wonder no more as a mash-up, dubbed Game of Hyrule, has been created.

Game of Hyrule uses the Game of Thrones HBO TV introduction theme and mixes the music with The Legend of Zelda game. Visually it riffs off the Game of Thrones intro video too but features worlds that can be recognised as decidedly Zelda.

The block-like trees and hedgerows give the scene a feel like the 8-bit Zelda of old from when it appeared on the Nintendo. The Game of Hyrule banner ending even features the Triforce shape behind the words.

The video finishes with the writing, "The Dark World is Coming" followed by the date "May 2015". While the coming part is clearly a reference to the Game of Thrones adage "Winter is coming", what the Dark World will be is unclear.

Presumably the creators of this video are working on other parts of the Zelda world, perhaps with the castle of arch nemesis and all round bad guy Ganondorf. Or perhaps it's a nod to the world of the Twilight Princess game.

There was talk of a Zelda TV show which Netflix apparently abandoned. We'd love to hope this was a teaser for that but the rights infringement on Game of Thrones and HBO pretty much rule that out.

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