YouTube wants to be more like Twitch.

According to The Daily Dot, which cited unnamed sources within the streaming industry, Google-owned YouTube is currently developing and revamping its live-streaming platform to have a focus on gaming and esports. After failing to acquire Twitch last year, the company has a greater interest in esports and even looked into acquiring broadcast content and talent within the streaming industry.

YouTube has reportedly begun recruiting up to 50 engineers with expertise in the streaming industry, as well. The idea is that Google will launch a new version of the YouTube Live platform with two driving forces (gaming and esports), and that established streamers and organisations will hopefully see an opportunity to grow, especially after Google starts promoting and partnering with streaming events.

Google likely believes it can take on Amazon-owned Twitch, which dominates the live-streaming scene for gamers, because it's been toying with live streaming since 2010. In the past, for instance, YouTube has live streamed concerts, sporting events, and Hangouts sessions. It has even broadcast the League of Legends Championship Series in the US and Europe since 2013.

The Daily Dot said we expect an announcement about Google's streaming service at E3 in June.