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(Pocket-lint) - YouTube has quietly unveiled a yet-to-be-named feature that essentially allows a content creator to upload multiple camera angles for a video, thus enabling you to watch that multi-angle video along with the audio track.

The new feature is automatic, meaning YouTube will stitch together the camera angles to create one video, and then, while watching the final version after its published, you will see options on the right for toggling between all the views. To demonstrate how everything actually works, YouTube has showcased a video from creator Madilyn Bailey.

She has nearly 3 million subscribers and hundreds of videos, one of which is her new live performance that was filmed at YouTube Music Night in December. The video is now up with four different camera feeds available, and you're free to switch between each of them without skipping a beat in the audio. We've checked it out, and it works well.

YouTubeyou can now watch multi angle videos on youtube and here s the first example image 2

According to Billboard, which saw press materials for the new feature, YouTube is trying to give both content creators and artists more ways to connect with fans. The idea behind this feature is that viewers will feel like a guy in the booth, controlling all the cameras filming a video or a performance. It's like an immersive experience of sorts.

It also comes shortly after YouTube revealed it would soon support 360-degree videos. With these types of fancy features coming to YouTube, the company is likely hoping you'll sit and watch longer, making videos in general more valuable to advertisers (and you).

To begin uploading multi-angle videos, which appears to be in the testing stages at this point and not officially available to everyone, you have to contact YouTube via this online form.

Writing by Elyse Betters.