The Simpsons have embraced the pixelated world of 8-bit graphics and sound – well, a fan version of them has.

Pixel artists Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon have re-created the iconic Simpsons intro using 8-bit inspired gaming style design. Even the music has been given a digital make-over from Jeremy Dower who re-created the theme music.

The video features all your favourite characters from the usual intro, with a self-referential nod to the art by Bart doing lines writing: "Pixel art is not real art".

But the video doesn't just stop at the usual introduction, it carries on adding references to all sorts of Simpsons episodes and characters. Hans Moleman as Bart appears, Poochy gets an appearance as do Homer's barbershop quartet The Be Sharps plus Truck-A-Saurus, Frank Grimes and Stampy the elephant.

The ending turns into a full on gaming trip with giant Marge, a totem Krusty, aliens, devil Bart with what appears to be a Ringo Star photo, and angel Maggie. All a bit Scott Pilgrium vs The World.

It's a really impressive video and we'd love to see an entire episode in this style with gaming references. We can but hope.

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