(Pocket-lint) - Just when you thought Grand Theft Auto V had little more to offer, this movie trailer surfaces.

Be warned this isn't official, before you get to excited. GTA Online: Most Wanted is made by a fan whose YouTube account has plenty of examples of his work in the past. All the practice appears to have paid off as this is a brilliant example of what can be done with some writing skills, patience and the might of GTA Online.

The trailer took its creator, Cammandoflauge, three weeks to make according to his post on YouTube. He's currently on the lookout for anyone interested in helping in future online performances, if you're eager.

This particular trailer uses Grand Theft Auto Online with a next gen console meaning it's all in crystal clear HD with buttery smooth graphics. There's no shortage of laughs in this cleverly constructed trailer that runs at just over two minutes long.

The sad part? It's not actually a trailer for anything but more showing off what can be done in the wonderful world of GTA Online. It's creator has mentioned he's toying with the idea of a series spinning off from this so here's hoping he find the time, help and inspiration to make more.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.