From this Friday a trial will begin of an age based rating system for online music videos.

The results from the perspective of users won't appear until the end of the year. Although work will be going on behind the scenes with both YouTube and Vevo agreeing to trial the scheme. Sony, Universal and Warner Brothers music labels are all taking part.

Initially the scheme will only apply to UK labels. Age ratings will be decided by the British Board of Film Classification. Current TV played music videos are already regulated by Ofcom.

While the scheme should help to shield children from sexual scenes, some artists recognise it may encourage more outrageous videos.

Musician Ella On The Run told the BBC: "I think there's two sides to the pilot. I understand the reason for it. I would say age ratings would be appropriate because sometimes you don't want your kids to see certain sexual imagery or violence. At the same time, I think giving an age rating might actually get people to make even more provocative videos than before as long as they get the proper rating for it."

David Cameron first announced the scheme back in August saying it was, "to help parents protect their children from some of the graphic content in online music videos."

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