A subscription music service for YouTube has reportedly been in the work for months, and now a new report has shed some more light on the upcoming service along with some leaked screenshots.

Tech website Android Police has claimed Google's new service is called YouTube Music Key. The service will feature ad-free playback, offline listening for songs and videos, and an audio-only UI for when you're toggling between apps or want to stream music in the background. That said, YouTube Music Key won't be free. Google supposedly wants to charge users $9.99 per month, the same price it charges for the Google Play All Access music streaming services.

Speaking of Google Play All Access, Google is expected to give the service a new name after YouTube Music Key launches: Google Play Music Key. And that $9.99 monthly subscription fee will reportedly include access to both the Google Play Music Key and YouTube Music Key. You will use the YouTube-specific service for finding music like concert footage, remixes, parodies, and covers, while the Google Play-specific service will include access to an artist's official discography.

youtube music key leak reveals google has another subscription service coming soon image 2

It's still not clear when YouTube Music Key might officially launch, but the new leaked screenshots indicate a release should happen sooner rather than later.

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