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(Pocket-lint) - A new YouTube video has shown the world that everyone has access to a lethal weapon in their kitchen. Oh, and it can also warm up your leftovers quite nicely.

There are some things in life that definitely need a warning label, and this is one of them: Don't try this at home or else you could die. That said, a young Russian man, who is known by his YouTube handle Kreosan, has recently published a video of him dissecting a microwave and turning it into a stick-mounted weapon, with a soup can attached at the end. The can seems to act as a directional antenna, because he uses it with the disfigured appliance to blow up a stereo.

According to the video description, "All actions are performed by professionals". That means the average viewer, aka you, should take caution before deciding to use a microwave's magnetron as a cannon, or at least that's what Kreosan has dubbed his weapon. You could also describe the Microwave Cannon as a source of power, or something like that, because, as seen in the video, Kreosan uses the contraption like a wand to light several bulbs attached to a board.

Check out the video above to see everything for yourself. No safety goggles are required to watch. Don't worry...Kreosan survives his potentially lethal experiment in the end.

Writing by Elyse Betters.