King of online video YouTube has decreed it will cement itself as leader by adding even more awesome features including 60 frames per second playback.

Check out the below clip from Metal Gear Solid 5 running at 60fps to see the difference. This is one of many next-gen games that will be able to run at the super high frame rate.

Other updates to YouTube include a tip system and fan subtitles. The latter of the two, dubbed Translator, allows users to add subtitles to a video so bi-lingual users can translate videos for different regions. The former, Tip Jar, allows anyone to donate money towards a video's creator from $1 to $500.

Users will also be able to link clips off to Kickstarter or Indiegogo to help raise maximum funding on project videos that are shared via YouTube. And for the more professional user it'll be possible to track video metrics using a new Creator Studio app.

All the updates will start rolling out soon.