YouTube has introduced a new YouTube Comments inbox tool, simply because moving comment notices to alerts last autumn was a big mistake.

Google's video-sharing website has "fast-tracked" the development of a new comment management page that will let you view, respond to, and moderate your YouTube comments under one hub. You can also remove comments, flag spam, give a thumbs up, reply to comments, toggle between pending and published comments. Just visit to get started.

As with any big change on a website, users love to complain. And many certainly did when YouTube adopted Google+'s comment system in November. YouTube creators immediately noticed an unfavourable increase in comment spam, among other things, forcing YouTube to issue a service-wide update that would fix the problem. YouTube also promised to issue more updates in the future for managing comments.

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YouTube's new comments system moved comment notifications from the YouTube Inbox to the Google+ notifications box. With today's update, however, YouTube has launched an improved comment management experience (and thereby kept its promise). YouTube also said it would update the new comments tool soon. It will get more features such as replying inline or expanding all replies.