Back in the day when 8-bit gaming was at its peak, there seemed to be countless movie tie-ins and licensed games. What better way to re-enact scenes from your favourite films than to jump around as a character made of blocks on a variety of levels with slightly different game styles for each section? Ah, those were the days.

Now we can relive those days, sort of, through Cinefix which likes to reimagine films that couldn't be made at the time as 8-bit games and post the results on YouTube. They are nothing short of brilliant, especially the latest: an 8-bit games version of Pulp Fiction.

Featuring different rounds, including a rhythm section based on the diner dance scene and a button-masher based on the car clean-up, the video is a masterpiece. It takes the major talking points from Taratino's arguably greatest movie and recreates them as game sequences. Oh how we wish we could actually play them all.

One warning though: for those with a tender disposition, watch out for the "Zed's dead" scene around two minutes in. They might be small pixelated blocks, but there's still something disturbing about it.


You can also check out the rest of Cinefix's work on its YouTube channel.

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