YouTube channel poster RatedRR has chosen to honour the US drink driving campaign "Drive sober or get pulled over" by blowing up a Christmas tree and posting the results as a rather cool video. And why not? If that doesn't get across the message that drinking alcohol and then taking your place behind the wheel of an automobile is bad, then we don't know what will.

It's not the same sort of Christmas tree you might have in your house, either real or plastic. Instead, he made one out of "Det Cord", detonation cord used in the mining and demolition industries, lit one end and Bob's your uncle.

The end result was filmed from several angles and in slow motion, so we thoroughly recommend that you watch to the end. After all, in real time it's all a bit quick and not quite the spectacle you might expect initially. Slow it down though and it's pretty smart.

Perhaps Mr RR should have popped a turkey and/or goose on top. Killed two birds with one stone. Almost literally.