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(Pocket-lint) - YouTube has revealed the hottest videos of 2013 along with its own YouTube Rewind mash-up video of the biggest trends of the year.

The biggest video of the year, with over 276 million views, is the official music video to The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) by Norwegian band Ylvis. Like 2012's Gangnam Style, it rapidly rose to top music charts around the world after become a viral sensation on YouTube. It is also the main inspiration for this year's YouTube Rewind video.

Others that featured in the top 10 trending videos include the Norwegian army's version of the Harlem Shake which proves that a) Norway is a very popular country at the moment, clearly, and b) that we're still going on about the Harlem Shake. Blimey.

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A strange skit called How Animals Eat Their Food by MisterEpicMan made it to number three on the list with over 86 million views, while a Chatroulette version of Miley Cyrus' raunchy Wrecking Ball video came up the rear.

The brilliant Baby&me Evian advert got the last spot in the top five.

The top 10 trending videos of 2013 in full:

1. Ylvis - The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)

2. Harlem Shake (original army edition)

3. How Animals Eat Their Food | MisterEpicMann

4. Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (Chatroulette Version)

5. baby&me / the new evian film

6. Volvo Trucks - The Epic Split feat. Van Damme

7. YOLO (feat. Adam Levine & Kendrick Lamar)

8. Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

9. THE NFL : A Bad Lip Reading

10. Mozart vs Skrillex. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2.

Writing by Rik Henderson.