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(Pocket-lint) - Are you trying to watch a YouTube video tutorial by Julia Childs while cooking her recipe and just making a big mess at the same time? Well, Handy by Flora can eliminate the mess for you.

Almost everyone has had their laptop on a kitchen counter with a tutorial for some recipe playing at fullscreen. Those same people have also had to wipe down their pricey gadget right after cooking, because it unavoidably becomes covered in poultry juice, butter, flour or whatever.

A company called Florida wants to change all that by introducing a touch-free "recipe player" called Handy. It's really just a website, and this website will load your YouTube video at fullscreen and activate your laptop's webcam simultaneously. Your webcam will be able to recognise hand gestures too.

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With this type of functionality, you can swipe left-to-right to play the video through Handy or swipe right-to-left to pause. An additional swipe after pausing will rewind by 10-seconds. The point is that you can follow a video recipe without getting sticky deposits on your keyboard.

Handy by Flora is free to use and works with any YouTube video on the web. Just head to www.handybyflora.com then copy the YouTube URL of the video tutorial you want to follow, and get started. You'll be roasting a suckling pig with Julia Childs - the clean way - in no time at all.

Flora says Handy works on laptops through Chrome browsers only. There are plans to support other devices and web browsers soon.

Writing by Elyse Betters.