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(Pocket-lint) - Vevo has a new look, and it's backed by entirely new technology that provides a simpler, faster and cleaner experience.

Announcing it on the official Vevo blog, Vevo said a small percentage of viewers have been previewing the new Vevo, but now it's live to the public. The changes, which include a more prominent Vevo TV with multiple channels, new search, a video feed and improved ads, are a "ground-up rebuild" of the web and mobile web version, though the mobile, tablet and TV apps will also receive an update sometimes in the next few weeks.

The web and mobile web versions of Vevo have been reworked with a technology that allows Vevo to continue to make improvements daily rather than weekly. As for the design, the front page of Vevo has a newsfeed-like style, thanks to stories on the homepage which replace the old cover images. Artist pages, which previously appeared as pop-up windows with bios and links, are now part of a grid hub with a focus video and other available songs.

Vevo has completely changed up ads, search and  the video feed, so that it will update in real time rather than once a day. In fact, Vevo said the video feed would update "many, many times each day" with more videos, playlists, artists, etc. Going back to ads and search, you'll just see a new ad platform, including new display ads, trailer ads and pre-rolls. Search has simply been enhanced so you can find stuff faster and easier.

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To complement these changes, Vevo also expanded Vevo TV. It's now at the forefront of the viewing experience via the top nav bar. There are even two new channels, called Vevo TV Nashville and Vevo TV Flow. Vevo further revealed that a Vevo TV web channel will launch in Germany, and other localised Vevo TV web channels will follow soon for other markets. Thirteen countries currently access Vevo's 24/7 linear channel via Apple TV and Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray players.

"Today’s changes are not only about our web apps, they’re the foundation for our new upcoming mobile apps and further living room expansion,"  Vevo said. "But really, our continued evolution is more about your video enjoyment than anything else."

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 1 November 2013.